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Guide to Vacation Mode

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Guide to Vacation Mode Empty Guide to Vacation Mode

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:43 pm

Vacation Mode
Vacation Mode FAQ

This FAQ will cover some basic information about the vacation mode with
the main goal to explain what to do when you are unable to activate
vacation mode.

1.) What is vacation mode?

Vacation mode freezes your account and makes it unable for other players
to attack you. In the galaxy view a little (v) will be added behind your name
in most skins.

You can only activate vacation mode when all buildings have stopped, all
shipyard queues are empty, no research is going on and none of your fleets
are flying.

The vacation mode has a minimum time of 48 hours. with the exceptions
of Universe 30 where the minimum length is 24 hours due to the double
speed and Universe 35 (also known as proGame) where the minimum
length is 24 hours due to the 5x speed. You won't be able to
deactivate it in this time. You also won't be able to change any settings
ingame except activating account deletion.

2.) How to activate vacation mode?

The procedure is: Options -> Enable vacation mode -> save changes

In the navigation bar press the link Options. Here activate the checkbox
next to "Enable vacation mode" and press the button "save changes".
Now you should have vacation mode enabled for at least the next 48

3.) I am unable to activate vacation mode. What should I do?

First make sure that

* no buildings are building
* no fleets are flying
* no research is going on
* no defense or ships are being built

Don't forget to check your moon(s).

If you checked that and are positive that all these requirements are met, try
to change the resource production in the "resource menu" on all planets for
all mines to 0% and press calculate.

Then try again to activate vacation mode. If you are still unsuccessful, try to
log out and login again and check again.

Now it should work. In case you failed again you will have to contact your
Gameoperator for assistance. To find out who that is check this list:

The Game Team

4.) How to deactivate vacation mode?

If at least the minimum vacation mode time has passed you will see a new
checkbox "turn off" in the Options. Just select it and press "save changes"
and vacation mode will be deactivated.

The procedure is: Options -> turn off -> save changes

5.) What about activating the vacation mode when being attacked?

You cannot avoid an attack by activating vacation mode when someone is
attacking you. The other person's attack will still hit your planet. However
no more fleets can be launched at your planets, including probes.

6.) What about resource production in vacation mode?

When you are in vacation mode your mines will not produce any resources.
However you will still get the standard resources of 20 metal and 10 crystal
every hour.

** Note: You must manually turn on all resources on all planets when coming out of vacation mode.


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