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BKB RAVID Trade network.

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BKB RAVID Trade network. Empty BKB RAVID Trade network.

Post by Guest on Fri May 28, 2010 5:39 pm

Welcome to the RAVID Trade Network. (RTN). As of today I am willing to trade with anyone up to ALL the resources I have in my possession. I will update the RTN 2x daily with the resources that I have available for trade. Ratios are as follows.
(All ratios are in M:C:D format)
(If you are asking to get rid of a resource)
If you are trading me:

Deut 2.1 :1.1 :1
Crystal 2.1 :1 :1
Metal 3 :2 :1

(If you are asking FOR a resource)
If I am trading you:

Deut 3 :2 :1
Crystal 2 :1 :1
Metal 2 :1 :1

You are trading me

Deut 2 : 1 : 1
Crystal 2: 1: 1
Metal 3: 2: 1

If I am trading you:

Deut 3: 2: 1
Crystal 2.1: 1: 1
Metal 2: 1.1 : 1.1

Trades are made on a first come first serve basis so long as resources are readily available.
If you are selected for a trade you will be notified in game by Personal Message. The trade will occur the next day within 24 hours. NO coordinates or times are to be posted here. These will be discussed in game since this area is an open forum. Ratios are non negotiable and all trades are final. If a transaction occurs in a galaxy where I dont have a planet or if the trade includes 1.5KK + resources then shipping costs will be deducted from your resources at a 3:2:1 ratio. If I am unable to pay the resources I owe then your resources will be returned to the planet they came from within 24 hours along with estimated 90% shipping cost in deuterium. If you feel that in my service I have cheated, exploited or offended you in any way please message me. If we cannot reason I will personally contact a Game Operator to decide what is to be done with the resources. If you have any questions please pm me BKB RAVID (4:300:10).

All trades are to be conducted as such
Homeworld Coords: (these can be found via search in game so no harm is done. This is solely so I can easily contact you do NOT put the planet number. Leave as XX)

I want (you to trade// to trade you) {be sure to examine ratios}

M: (amount)

At (ratio from above : this is to confirm that you understand that you are trading at this ratio)

for (resource you are offering//resource that you want in return): If you want both available resources put in a % scale.

From (todays date)
By (the last day you will take trade: put indefinite if you will accept at any time)




I want to trade you
M: 3kk at 3 :2 :1

for a 50% spit C/D of 1kk Crystal and 500k Deuterium

From: 5/28/2010
By: 6/26/2010

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BKB RAVID Trade network. Empty Re: BKB RAVID Trade network.

Post by Guest on Fri May 28, 2010 5:48 pm

Date: 5/28/2010

Available resources

Metal: 500k

Crystal: 200k
Deuterium: 700k


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