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Activity (*) and /!\

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Activity (*) and /!\ Empty Activity (*) and /!

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:04 pm

Activity (*) Explanation

In this FAQ I try to explain the appearance of the activity asterisk in the galaxy view. In previous updates the circumstances under which the asterisk appears has been changed around quite a bit so it is a bit confusing.

I take no responsibilty for the correctness of the points covered here. Also note that the fleet events that trigger activity are yet not 100% clear. Edit, same again for the update, whilst i have checked, some information may not be accurate with the v 0.80 update ~ Son Goku

Credits go to Francolino from the German Game Technics team (http://board.ogame.de/profile.php?userid=220361) thanks to whose work - he spent a LOT of time on this - (http://board.ogame.de/thread.php?threadid=566526) I was able to write this explanation.

Rule I: The exceptions.

Following links are not subject to creating activity:

* Overview
* Switching Planets
* Board
* Help
* Logout
* Rules
* Legal Notice

TEMPORARY EDIT: Please note the redesign unis are currently showing some deviation from these activity indicators. Currently Moon activity is NOT showing in galaxyview. We are working to resolved these issues and will update this help topic accordingly.

Rule II: The dangers of inactivity.

If you are 15 minutes or more inactive and then click a link in your account that is not listed under Rule I the selected planet/moon will show the activity asterisk (*).

Rule III: Changing of resources.

* Once you spent resources or retrieve them by canceling a building process (building, research, fleet, defense) your next click will create activity at the current planet.
* Be aware that also purchasing Dark matter or spending it involves a change of resources and thus creates activity.
* Also when you start or cancel a building process in the Empire view the next click will create activity.
* Finally trading resources at the merchant changes your amount of resources and thus will create activity on the next click.

Rule IV: Unit created.

Once a ship, defense structure, building or research is done your next click will create activity at the current planet. A special case is: When you got commander and a building finishes the asterisk will automatically appear because commander refreshes your page.

Rule V: Resource Screen.

Once you access the Resources screen activity is created as well as when you hit the calculate button in that menu.

Rule VI: Merchant.

After you got a new merchant the next click will create activity. Also when exchanging resources using a merchant as stated with Rule III the next click will create activity.

Rule VII: Fleet menu and Fleets.

Fleet Event (A -> B)

* start of fleet movement => * only at A
* arrival at B => * only at B
* return to A (if A and B belong to the same account) => * only at B
* return to A (if A and B belong to different accounts) => * at both A and B
* fleet recalled = same as in "return to A" cases above


* B can be every target, e.g. debris fields, planets etc
* harvesting of debris fields causes a non displayed star, if B is a DF target => no star at B

Rule VIII: Alliance menu & changing settings

Once you went into the alliance menu or changed settings of your account the next click will create activity.

Rule IX: Empire view.

In the Empire view when you double click on the planet/moon you are currently on the next click will create activity.
Every click or double click on another planet/moon will create activity.

Activity caused by other players

As described above, many of your own actions will cause an activity star to appear at your planet. In addition to your own actions, other players can also create activity at your planet by espionage, attack, IPM, ACS defend or transport missions. Recalled missions from the other players will also create activity. In the case of friendly missions (ACS or transport), there will also be an activity star at both player's planets once the fleet returns from it's mission.

Appearance on Galaxyview

You will not be able to see your own activity from galaxyview, only that of all the other players. The activity timer indicates activity for a period of one hour after activity. For the first 14 minutes 59 seconds after the activity stops (*) will be shown next to the planetname. Beyond 15 minutes a time is then displayed in place of the star (15 min). This time value is shown up until 59 minutes 59 seconds (59 min) and then after that point there will be no activity indicator displayed next to the planetname.


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