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Mines and Nanites

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Mines and Nanites Empty Mines and Nanites

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:16 pm

Mine & Nanite levels

I think this is probably the most asked question in the H&Q...'I have this level of building XXX, what should I build next?'
Answering that question in 'general' terms is going to be hard, but I shall attempt!

Mines are your basic income, and they are just as important for a newbie as they are for a top player. They represent your basic income, whether your raiding, sleeping, offline or online. They give you a constant stream of income.

It is important to have strong leveled mines, regardless of whether you are a raider, a turtle, or whatever.

Why is it so important?

This is obvious, if your fleet gets wiped out, your defenses get wiped out, your farms dry up, you have connection problems...whatever, there are loads of reasons you may not be able to get extra income. But luckily, your mines are still churning out resources for you to use, whatever you may be doing.

Strong mines will help you recover from whatever your ailment was, a lot quicker.

So, whats a good mine level?

Well, this is a hard one, as everyone has different levels, and colony status. I always find that my Home planet has at least 1 extra mine level and one extra solar/fusion plant level than my colo's. I think this is more likely because I tend to ship alot of res back to my HP for research (like alot of people do) but end up upgrading mines.

I think the following guide is to be taken not as literally as I put it, you should take it at your own pace, adjusting for your own style of play.

All these levels can be +/- 1 according to you! I'm modelling these of other players, and my own meandering experience.

You should of course, try to keep your production factor at 1. remember, Deuter mines suck up waaay more energy than crystal or metal, so if I ever find myself with negative energy, my deut mines are the first to drop to 90% production. Smile

By the time you exit noob protection (5,000 points) You should aim to have at least :

Metal mine - 15
Crystal mine - 13
Deut mine - 10

By the time you hit 10,000 points you should aim to have colonies with

Metal mine - 19
Crystal mine - 17
Deut mine - 12

By the time you hit 25,000 points you should aim to have colonies with

Metal mine - 22+
Crystal mine - 20+
Deut mine - 18+

After 25,000 points you should know whats best for you.

I consider those mine levels a pretty solid 'base' to build a fleet or defence from. You should be churning out enough resources to built a basic fleet.

So....I have X points, should I get a Nanite?

Nanites are a fairly big investment, especially for someone under 30k points, so you should think carefully about whether to invest in them. Although I think it's never to soon to get nanites, my advice would be to go for it ASAP. My reasoning being is that I like 'safe' points, nanites give you a considerable amont on their own. And they are an uber investment.

There are several 'tests' to know whether you are ready for Nanites:

- Can you build it? (as in, do you have the techs?) I know this sounds silly, but you might not ready for it unless you have comp tech 10. My reasoning being, Raiders have the most need for a nanite factory, and unless you are filling up those fleetslots with raids daily, you won't be bringing back enough bacon to warrant a nanite.

- Is your shipyard queue ALWAYS more than 48 hours? If so, you are probably in need of a nanite!

- Can you accumulate the resources without any trouble? If so, you are probably ready!

Being able to answer yes to two of those questions will mean your ready for nanite.

...but, why does it matter if i'm ready for it or not?

It doesn't specifically matter. However, you if you can't answer yes to two of those questions, my bet is that you will have considerable trouble gathering the res. necessary for a nanite.

'Most' people tend to get their first nanite in the 25k -> 40k points range.

Nanite level 2 around the 70k range.

Nanite level 3 around 100->150k range.


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