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Guide to Speedsim (the combat simulator)

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Guide to Speedsim (the combat simulator) Empty Guide to Speedsim (the combat simulator)

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:23 pm

Originally posted by Fuse
Ok, i was talking to a friend of mine who has been playing OGame for quite some time and i relised he really didnt know everything about speedsim. So, i was bored and had a lot of free time, and i made a guide for it. Very Happy

Guide To SpeedSim

This is a guide to speedsim. It will explain everything in it. To make this clear, i will explain SpeedSim from top to botton, left to right. Smile


You will see this: <-1-> in the top left and corner of speedsim. This is only needed for ACS. Using the arrows will enable you to fill in other fleet slots. You can fill in up to 12 total. You might notice that fleetslot 1 is the only fleetslot that allows you to fill in defense. Makes sense huh Wink


This is where you can fill out the attacker and defenders technologies. You have to fill in your technologies manually but the defenders technologies has a shortcut. If you have the espionage report, copy it and it will fill in the defenders technologies.

--WARNING-- The Armour Technology is sometimes NOT filled in. Make sure you fill it in yourself.

The engines are used for the attacker. It to help with fleet times but does not make a difference in the battle


This is where you can fill in the attackers and defenders fleet. The fleets go in order of how they show up in your shipyard. You have to fill out your attacking fleet manually but the defenders fleet has a shortcut also. Just like the Technology, just copy it and you will have the fleet filled in.


This is where you can edit all the different things. Yes, i will explain them all.

Use Skin
This is where you can use different skins for speedsim though im not really sure where to find them :p To the right of this, there is a button that says "Change Skin". That is how you find and pick your skin file.

Use Language File
This is where you can change the language of speedsim. They have most languages so just pick your language. To the right of this, there is a button that says "Change Language File". That is how you find and pick your language file.

Show BW-Case automatically
By putting a check in this box, once you hit "Begin Simluation"(See Below) and its done simluating, a new window will pop up telling you the best and worse case scenario of the battle. It will also tell you how much you will make with the debris or with no debris. It tells a lot of diffrent information about the battle. If you dont want a new window popping up everytime you click "Begin Simulation", then dont put a check in the box. Instead, there is a button to the right of the box that says "Show now!" Clicking that will show the same thing and will only show up when you click it.

Use old RF(German oGame only)
This is used for the German OGame only, obviously, so i won't get into it.

Rapid Fire
This box is used to include rapid fire in the simulation, which would be best to put a check in the box, as in OGame, rapid fire will happen.

Own RapidFire
This is used if you want to use your own rapid fire, which isnt a good idea and i would leave it alone.

Defense into Debris
In certain German universes, they have 30% of defense destoryed, put into the debris field. However, no .org universe have this but if they do, make sure you check this box to include it.

Set Techs of attacker to 0 if there are no techs in a read scan
This makes it so if you do not put in the attackers technologies, they set them to 0, as if they dont have any.

Delete defenses lost in attack?
In an actual attack, 70% of all defense is rebiult automatically. Speedsim will include this. If you do NOT want it to, check the box.

Supervise Clipboard
This allows speedsim to read directly if you copy something. So if you are spying around and highlight and espionage report and click "copy" while speedsim is running, it will automatically put the defender's data into speedsim. Very useful if you're running a series of minor raids.

Reading Field

This is where you can type the coords of where the battle will take place. Then, below that, its says "Own Position".Type in the position of where the attcking fleet is being launched. This helps with det costs. Next to the reading field, it has a button that says "Read" and one that says "Delete". Delete deletes the coords.

A little to the right of where it says "Own Position" it says "Number of simulations". And to the right of that, it says it will have a number, usually 100. Thats how many simulations it will simulate. But the more you put, the longer it might take.

And right next to that, it has a big button that says "Begin Simulation" This is very important and is the button that makes everything simulate.


This is where you put in the defenders defense. If you have the espionage report, copy it and it will fill in the defenders defense. Very simple.


This is the result of the simulation. It tells you everything. This is the break down of it:

Battle On
To the right of this, it tells you where the battle is taking place. It says the name of the planet then the coords. If you copy the espionage report, it will put in the planet name and coords but if not, it will just put it as planet "Unknown" and coords "[x:xxx:x]"

This tells you if you will win, lose or draw. It also tells you the chance of winning, losing or getting a draw.

Rubble Field
This is the debris field. It will look something like this:

124.200 Metal (155%), 57.300 Crystal (205%) max. 11 Recycler

In the above example, the "124.200 Metal and 57.300" is the debris that will be floating in space after the battle.

The "(155%) and (205%)" is the profit made by the attacker(for the defenders profit, use the BW-Case). Remember, if it says (100%), then you have broken even, meaning you didnt lose metal/crystal, but you didnt gain anything. The lowest you can get is 30% because all ships in OGame leave 30% of what the cost to make. If you do not lose any ships, if will say 0% but that if just because it is all profit.

The 11 Recyclers is the max ammount of recyclers needed in the battle in which the most ships possible are lost

This tells what the chance is for a moon to arise from the debris.

Losses Attacker
This tells the total losses for the attacker. Example: If you lose 1 crusier(costs 20,000 Metal, 7,000 Crystal, and 2,000 Deuterium), then it would read "losses, 20.000 Metal, 7,000 Crystal, and 2,000 Deuterium."

Losses Defender
This shows how much the defender will lose, just like the attacker.

Theoretic Plunder
Once you copy an espionage report, it will calculate into speedsim. The theoretic plunder looks like this:

13.283 Metal, 2.287 Crystal and 24.553 Deuterium ~ 2 Large Cargo Ships

In the above example, it tells you how much res would be taken if raided. It also tells you how many Large Cargo Ships you will need to get it all.

Real Plunder
This tells how much res you actually take, with what you have simulated. It gives a percentage of how much you will take. Try to make it say 100%, so you get all the res.

Needed Fuel
If you have filled in both coords, this tells you how much deuterium is needed to get there.

Flight Times
This tells how long it will take to get there also.

Plunder from Wave
This tells you how much res you can take after the first attack. In case you wanted to do a wave attack.

Prepare next wave

This button is used if you want to wave someone. It rebuildes 70% of the defenses, it changes the ammount to res taken to what has already been taken.

Update Check...

This button is found at the very bottom left corner of speedsim. Using this, you can get to the SpeedSim website, and check for any updates, though they dont have many.

Battle Report

Using this button, you will get a simulated battle report of the simulation. Don't try to use a speedsim battle report in a CR Convert as it doesnt work.

Copy battle result into clipboard

This copies the result to a clipboard.


This is where you can save techs, fleets, defenses, or options and load saved ones.


This closes speedsim completley.

Well, thats my guide to speedsim, since some people dont know exactly how to use it. Just to make sure everyone knows how to use it. Enjoy Smile


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