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Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:29 pm

A Brief History of Dark Matter in OGame

Dark matter (DM) was implemented in September 2007 as a new payment option for the ingame Commander and Officer features. The introduction of this scheme gave players a single payment, no-ties "pay-as-you-go" option for using the enhanced game features. Prior to this, people were bound to a regular legally-binding subscription. Those existing subscriptions continued after the introduction of DM and subscribers still retained their full cancellation rights and Terms & Conditions.

The original DM launch announcement can be found here: Dark Matter will be implemented today

Subsequent to this, Merchants and Expeditions were introduced ( version 0.78 ). Hiring a Merchant requires 2,500 units of DM. However, you were also then able to find small quantities of DM on Expedition missions which gave the players who play the free version of the game a means by which they could use the Merchant and Officers features for free.

Using Dark Matter

Commander and Officer rates are identical. You may purchase either a 3-month or a 7-day subscription to the services for 100,000 units or 10,000 units of DM respectively.

Merchants can be hired for 2,500 units of DM

It is not possible to transfer DM between accounts, in the case of existing user subscription accounts you must cancel your current subscription and order a new one if you transfer to a new game account (e.g. account trade or free-give away). Further guidance on cancelling subscriptions can be found at http://support.gamepay.de

Account inactivity and Dark Matter

Due to legal reasons, any account that contains unused DM or an active Commander/Officer subscription is exempt from deletion after 35days of inactivity. It should be noted here that DM found during expeditions does NOT protect an account from deletion. In addition, all purchased DM will be used before any that is found during an expedition.

Costs and Current Stock Levels Indicator:

The cost of DM varies depending on the quantities you buy and the method of payment selected. These vary from, for example, 30,000 units for €2.99 via SMS payment to 1,250,000 units for €49.99 via paypal or creditcard. (Costs quoted here are given for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on geographic region and current exchange rates. These costs are subject to change.)

The amount of DM you currently possess is shown at the top of the Game interface, between the Energy and Deuterium level indicators. Although DM is listed next to the raidable resources, it is not a commodity that can be plundered, neither can you donate any of your DM stocks to another game account; the DM is only available to the account in which it can be seen. In addition, no player will be able to obtain any information on your current DM status from Espionage action or by any other means.

How to Purchase Dark Matter:

Click on the ingame link in the left-hand gamepanel "Officers Recruitment" or "Recruit Officers". Then either click on "Purchase Dark Matter"

Then select the appropriate country for your geographic location from the dropdown menu adjacent to "Country Selection"

And finally choose your preferred payment option and the amount of DM you wish to purchase (follow the instructions for the particular payment option that you select)

Payment Options:

DM can be purchased using any of the following payment options (availability may be limited to specific Geographic regions)

Special Notes Regarding Offerpal

Offerpal is a payment option introduced in April 2009 (New Payment option) that allows people to obtain "free" DM. The DM obtained from this option will be considered as "paid for" DM with respect to inactive account deletion.

The scheme is currently only available for players in certain geographic regions.

Offerpal is working in partnership with Gameforge in OGame and whilst every effort is made to ensure that their content complies with Gameforge policy, there may be instances where this is not the case. Please be sure to fully read all Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers before you proceed with any of the Offerpal offers. Further information about unacceptable content can be found here: Offerpal Reports. Complaints of that nature should be posted to the complaints section of the board: here Complaints

Dark matter can take 48hrs to be transferred to your game account, anyone with Offerpal payment problems should contact them directly customersupport@offerpal.com

What to do if you have not received your Dark Matter:

There can sometimes be a delay before your DM is transferred to your game account. You may need to re-login before the DM appears.

Where DM was obtained from the Offerpal scheme: Please contact Offerpal directly at customersupport@offerpal.com

If you have questions or problems concerning the OGame DM payment service please contact http://support.gamepay.de. Your email will be processed within 2 workdays.

Dark Matter from Expeditions

Expedition results vary greatly, one thing you can find on expedition is small quantities of DM. These quantities vary mostly in the range of 100 to 500 units from any one expedition mission. The DM found in expeditions does not protect an account from 35-day inactivity deletion since it is free DM and therefore not subject to the same legal consideration as the purchased DM. More information on Expeditions and Merchants can be found here: FAQ about Expeditions and Merchants


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