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What you do while if you are under attack

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What you do while if you are under attack Empty What you do while if you are under attack

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:29 pm

What to do when you're being attacked
Don't be a farm!


Is this you?

In ogame, "farming" is when a player raids other players with weak defenses/fleets and a lot of resources. Every day you raid the person and "harvest" the resources they have raised. Obviously, you don't want this to happen to you. But, there are a lot of things you can and should do before posting a lame crybaby "helpme" topic 👶 on the Help & Questions board. Here are just a few:

Check to see if the other player is really bashing.
You can attack someone else a lot without it qualifying as "bashing." There is another topic by bibob (posted under this) that describes the bashing rule. In case that's not enough, I have also made a re-explanation of the bashing rule that I will put in my next post. Scroll down to THE BASHING RULE YET AGAIN see it.

Use your resources!
This is just basic common sense if you ask me, but a lot of people don't seem to get it. The reason people farm is for resources. The more resources you have the more profitable you are, and the more people will want to farm you. It's amazing how many people just let their resources pile up, unused. If you have enough money for an upgrade or research that you know will come in handy someday, what the hell are you waiting for? Upgrade already! You should try to have as little excess resources as possible. Make it a point to use up as much as you can before you go offline at the end of every session.
One good way to use up excess resources, especially at the beginning, is to just spend whatever you have left on defenses whenever you go offline. That way, even if you get attacked it'll be that much less for the other person to get in a raid. You can also build ships, but be warned: other players can collect resources from destroyed ships, too, so if you build a decent-sized fleet make absolutely sure to...

Fleetsave when you're offline
Fleetsaving is when you send your ships away from your planet to protect them. While your ships are traveling somewhere, it is impossible to attack them. Every time you go offline, figure out the number of hours you'll be gone and send your ships on a mission that will take that many hours. See my OFFLINE FLEETSAVING section further down.

Fleetsave when you're being attacked
At some point, you're going to be attacked by someone too strong for you to hold off. Even if you can't destroy the fleet, you can still make sure they won't get anything when they do hit you! See the topic by Archain ( click here ) or my PRE-ATTACK FLEETSAVING section below.

Build defenses
This can useful but don't count on them too much. No matter how much defense you build, the other person can always build more ships. Maybe a lot faster than you can build defenses. But it's still good to build some. Early in the game, especially, a lot of people will attack without even knowing what your defenses are--it's always fun to log in and discover someone has just had 3 heavy fighters destroyed in one round. Smile And like I said before, bulking up your defenses is a good way to use up excess resources when you go offline--even if they are destroyed, at least it's more resources that your attacker won't be getting.

PM the attacker
You'd be surprised how often this works. Yes, ogame is a competitive game but not all the people who play are total jerks. If you tell them that their attacks are making it impossible for you to advance, and ask them nicely to let up, there's a decent chance that they'll be willing to attack you less--or maybe even stop attacking you entirely. After all, there are always plenty of other planets in the galaxy. Anyway you don't have anything to lose by trying.
DON'T send them insults or empty threats. If they're farming you, chances are they already know what you got, and they know it's not nearly enough for you to get them back. If you call them a ****ing ***** ******** **** ******** and threaten to attack them with 20 death stars from "your other planet" not only will you look like an idiot, you might get banned for sending an insulting message.

Turn down/turn off your mines when offline
This is kind of a desperate measure. But, if you are getting attacked every single time you log off, this might help stop it. If you reduce the amount of resources you put out when offline, you can make it unprofitable to invade your planet. If you do this for awhile, the person who was farming you will stop, and probably forget about your planet. Then you can start building up again.

Go into vacation mode
This is an even more desperate measure, and some would say is abusing the system. But the option is there. When you go into vacation mode, it is impossible to attack you. If you are in vacation mode, anyone attacking you will have to stop, and chances are very good they won't check your planet again for a long time. However, remember that you have to turn your mines down to 0% so you will earn absolutely NO RESOURCES while in vacation mode. Also you can not turn off vacation mode for at least 48 hours. So think carefully before you use this.
CAUTION: Vacation mode only stops attacks that are launched after you go into it. That means that if someone attacks you, and you go into vacation mode hoping to stop it, not only will the attack still go through, but you will be unable to log back in and fleetsave.

Contact a GO
Do this when you have no other options. If the situation is really extreme (for example, if you're being attacked twice daily by several members of an alliance) then it may well be necessary. It is against the rules to attack someone to the point where they cannot advance, so a GO might intervene if you can show them this is happening. But make sure you have tried other options before you do this--please don't waste the GOs time when the only problem is you playing OGame very crappily. Razz


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What you do while if you are under attack Empty Re: What you do while if you are under attack

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:39 pm


The bashing rule says you cannot attack anyone more than 6 times on one planet/Moon. More attacks are bashing and get punished.


It is impossible to attack fleets when they are en route to a mission. So every time you go offline, figure out the number of hours until the next time you plan to be online. Then send your ships on a mission, and adjust the speed of your ships so they will get back at the same time as you will be online next time. This will make it impossible to attack your ships until you get back.

I recommend sending your ships on transport, harvesting, or deployment missions.

Transport missions are where you move resources from one planet to another.
Enter the number of each type of ship you want to save and click "proceed." Then enter the coordinates of the planet you want to send them to. If you have colonies you can send them to your own planet; otherwise you can send them to another player. After selecting the coordinates, set the speed of your ships. The lower you set it, the longer it will take. When you select a percentage, you can see the amount of time it takes to travel one way to the destination planet. Since transport missions are round trip, you should set the speed so that it will take about half the time you will be offline to travel 1 way. For example, if you will be offline for 11 hours, set it for whatever is closest to 5 1/2 hours. Then click "proceed" again. Select "transport" as your mission type. Then, select the number of resources you want to include. Remember, you will be giving the resources to the other planet, so don't put in a lot unless it's your own planet or you're trading with the other person.
NOTE: Be very careful if you use another player's planet. That person will know exactly how long your fleet will be gone, making it easy to raid you or destroy your ships. So make sure you only use this method if you really trust the other player.

Harvesting missions are only possible if you have recyclers. As above, choose the ships you want to save but make sure there is a recycler included. Select a planet with a debris field around it (check the Galaxy menu and look for a planet with "T" next to the number) and set the speed. Also make sure you change the menu next to the coords from "planet" to "DF" (for "debris field"). As above, you want to set it for half the time you'll be offline. Click "proceed" again. Select "harvesting" as your mission type. You can also load up resources in your ship--they will be protected along with your ships. But make sure you leave enough room to harvest whatever is in the field you're going to.

Deployment missions are only possible if you have colonies. Again, select the ships you want and click "proceed." Then select one of the planets and set the speed. Deployment missions are one-way, so set the mission to take the amount of time you'll be offline. Do NOT set it for half the time! Make sure you fill your ships with as much resources as they can hold, because those will also be protected.

It is also possible to save your fleets with espionage missions, but I do NOT recommend this unless if the planet is inactive (has an "i" next to the number). Otherwise, you run a risk that the planet will be strong enough to catch your fleet and destroy it.

Archain made a great, easy-to understand thread explaining how to do this, and I think it covers everything damn well (did you click me before? dammit, you didn't click, did you? well CLICK NOW AND READ ARCHAIN'S TOPIC ALREADY!!!).
Did you read it? Good! The only thing I want to comment on is where he says:

Send your fleet out as close to the attack time as possible. If you are being attacked in one hour, and you can be on in one hour, wait until there are only 1 or 2 minutes before the attack, this will allow for the maximum in saved rescources if you leave your mines on.

I'm not sure about this... be careful about sending your ships out too late. A lot of people like to send them out seconds before the enemy fleet arrives. This is because people will usually espionage just before an attack hits, to make sure you haven't cleared out your resources or sent in a bigger fleet. If you send it out right before the attack hits, they won't cancel the attack.

But it's also very risky. The fact is, lag can (and does) happen. There could be delays in the server, or delays in your connection. Or something could go wrong with your keyboard. Or you could accidentally log yourself out. Or you could get logged out automatically because you haven't done any activity on your account. A lot of things can happen, and remember, the longer you wait the higher the risk. Definitely do not go under the recommended 1 minute. If it's a big fleet, I like to fleetsave five minutes before, just for my own peace of mind.

OK, that about wraps it up. I hope all this is helpful for people Smile


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