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Recyclers and Debri Fields

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Recyclers and Debri Fields Empty Recyclers and Debri Fields

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:55 pm

What is a Recycler?
From the shipyard and technology pages ingame:

Recyclers are the only ships able to harvest debris fields floating in a planets orbit after combat
Requirements: Metal: 10.000 Crystal: 6.000 Deuterium: 2.000
Structural Integrity 16.000
Shield Strength 10
Attack Strength 1
Cargo Capacity 20.000 units
Base speed 2.000
Fuel usage (Deuterium) 300

Recyclers are commonly abbreviated as "recs," "bins," or "cyclers."

What are the technology requirements of a Recycler?
To build a Recycler, you must have researched Combustion Drive level 6 and Shielding Technology level 2, and you must have a level 4 Shipyard where you wish to build a Recycler.

What is a debris field?
A debris field (commonly abbreviated as "DF" or "df") is formed from a battle. It consists of 30% of the metal and crystal costs of all ships destroyed in that battle. Even if no ships are destroyed, there will still be a debris field of 0 metal and 0 crystal formed.

Why isn't a debris field showing in the galaxy view?
Only debris fields with more than 300 total resources will show in the galaxy view. Also, debris fields that do not have a planet underneath will always be invisible until a planet appears underneath.

How do I recycle a debris field?
To recycle a debris field go to the fleet screen, select the number of ships you wish to send (make sure to include at least one recycler), select the coordinates of the desired debris field as well as selecting "DF" from the dropdown box, select the harvest mission, and send the fleet out.

If you have Commander, you can go to the galaxy view, click on the debris field or the harvest option in the tooltip, and the game will automatically send as many recyclers as it would take to harvest the debris field at the time of the click, up to the amount currently on the planet you are viewing the galaxy page from.

Can I send Recyclers as part of an attacking fleet in order to recycle the debris from that battle?
No. Recyclers must be sent to a debris field specifically to harvest a debris field.

How much debris will each Recycler harvest?
Each Recycler can recycle up to 20.000 units of debris, though if it is carrying resources it will harvest less. The deuterium used to send the fleet on the Harvest mission does not get subtracted from your harvesting cargo capacity.

Note that if you send any other ships with your recyclers they will get priority in holding the resources you sent along with the fleet; i.e. if you send 1 Recycler and 1 Small Cargo on a harvest mission with 5.000 resources on board, you will still harvest up to 20.000 units, but if you sent that same fleet with 6.000 resources, you would only harvest up to 19.000 units.

Which resource is harvested first?
No resource is harvested first. Metal and crystal are recycled at an even rate. There is no way to prioritize which resource gets taken first.

Why is the Harvest option in the galaxy view grey and unclickable?
Only accounts with Commander status may harvest directly from the galaxy view.

If I send other ships with my Recyclers, will they harvest the debris?
No. Only Recyclers can harvest debris, though you can send other ships with your Recyclers, potentially as a fleetsave.

Why am I getting a "There is no planet or debris field at the co-ordinates entered!" message when I try to send my Recyclers to a debris field?
This is because there is a no debris field there. If you wish to create a debris field to which you can send your Recyclers, simply have a combat happen at those coordinates. Typically sending one espionage probe on an attack mission will do the job.

Do note that there is a difference between an empty debris field (0 metal and 0 crystal) and a nonexistent one, though empty debris fields with no fleets currently heading towards them get wiped every Monday morning server time. Debris fields with less than 300 total resources may get wiped at this time too, but the FAQ writer could not confirm that information at the time of writing.

Is there any way of knowing who recycles a debris field?
The only way of knowing who recycles your debris field beyond them truthfully telling you that they did so is to use a sensor phalanx to see their harvest mission. Do note that debris fields cannot be phalanxed, only planets, and that phalanxing a planet will not let you see any missions heading towards that planet's debris field save any flying from that specific planet.

Is there any way to defend a debris field or reserve it for certain people?
No. Debris fields are first come first serve and are always undefended, even if the planet/moon under the debris field has defense.

Why are recyclers so slow?
It's a balance issue. A fleet crasher must choose between sending his fleet at full speed and risk someone else harvesting the debris field, or sending at slower speeds/at a later time and risk their target coming online and fleetsaving.

I can never find any big debris fields on time. Why bother using Recyclers anyway?
The biggest profits in OGame are usually gained by destroying a fleet and harvesting the created debris field. Only Recyclers can do this, making them a vital asset of any fleet player.

How many Recyclers should I have?
Answers on this may vary. One rule of thumb is to always have enough recyclers to harvest your entire fleet, presuming you recycle an entire (weaker) enemy fleet plus some losses on your side. For example, if you have 300 Battleships, the ships cost in total 18.000.000 units and would form a total debris field of 5.400.000 units, so you would require 270 Recyclers to harvest this amount.

What is the relationship between debris fields and moonchances?
If in a battle, you create a debris field of at least 100.000 total units, you will get a chance to form a moon. Every 100.000 units in the debris field adds 1% to your moonchance, up to a maximum of 20%.

Does the existing debris field count towards the moonchance in a further battle?
No. Only the debris that is created as part of a single battle counts towards the moonchance of that battle.

I just colonized a new planet and a debris field appeared above it without me being attacked or anything. Why is that?
Debris fields do not get wiped if the planet underneath is deleted. They just turn invisible. Once someone colonizes a planet there or has their homeworld placed there, it becomes visible again.

Can I get banned for pushing if I recycle a debris field above a lower-ranked player's planet or a debris field that was made from ships that belonged to a lower-ranked player?
Unless the debris field was made so that a player is intentionally giving a higher-ranked player free resources, typically you won't get banned for pushing. If a lower-ranked player attacks one of your planets with the sole intention of having their ships destroyed, you should NOT harvest any debris unless given permission by a GO.

What is Recycler help?
Recycler help is when you enlist others to help you recycle a debris. You typically do not need permission of a GO to help recycle the debris field, but you must acquire permission before any lower-ranked helpers send back debris.


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